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"Val Stoiana improves your tennis and keeps the fun factor in the game. He is truly knowledgeable and knows how to bring your tennis to a completely new level. If there is anything bad I could say about him it would be that there aren't more Val's out in the tennis world."

Niclas Ingamarsson

Always gives clear instruction and cheerfully. Offers fine tips. Keeps on top of my playing.
E mails tennis guides...This is very helpful also.

Charlotte Chamberlin

I thought it was great. I learned a lot in such a short time.

Josephine Ferry

Val is a very creative, energetic tennis coach. We work on various aspects of the game and his directions are always precise and to the point for each person. He knows his clients strengths and weaknesses well and works on fine tuning at every session.

Linda F. Kroha

100% improvement in my tennis game

alicia bennett

Val, You make learning how to play tennis FUN! You have the right balance of patience and determination...that which allows me to continue making the same mistakes knowing that eventually I will get it right and become a better player.

Leslie Bacigalupi

Val, I am so pleased with what you have shown me. You are always ready to answer and show myself and the group any questions we have. You have taught me to learn tennis while having a great time. I enjoy very much having you as my pro. And look so forward to our lesson every week. Thankyou for a great time.

Pat Kelley

I enjoyed the lessons and the fact that everyone seemed to be at slightly different levels but it still worked out. I had not played in several years and it was a nice way to get back into the game

pam curley

A wonderful learning experience for this novice player. Benefited greatly from personalized attention in a group setting.

Laura Lawhon

Val, you have a wonderful international presence, and you provide minute to minute feedback, while you are with a group of players. This is rare, I believe.

Gloria Filippo

Val is an incisive technician who pinpoints your weaknesses (and strengths) and steadily improves them. His methods are very effective, and he's a pleasure to work with.

Joe Godfrey

I've truly enjoyed playing tennis these past months. I feel that in such a short time I have learned so much and continue to get a good workout whenever I play. I like getting the instant feedback when a shot I make is not hit properly. You have a good eye Val for seeing what the problem is; whether the ball was hit too hard, soft, high,low, on the sweet spot or not. It's very helpful to hear right away what needs to be changed so that I can work on it right then. Also, even though the groups talents are all different, you do a great job of keeping everyone on the ball. I've really enjoyed playing tennis and hope this aging body will serve me well!

Michelle Geary

You make learning the game of tennis fun and keep it interesting by focusing each class on something specific and different from the prior week to be sure everyone can learn all aspects of the game.

Amy Gulick

I have been taught by Val for the past year. I was a college tennis player whose game was definitely "rusty". I had not played with any regularity and wanted to get my game back to a solid level. Val encouraged me to add topspin to my forehand helping me to stay competitive with higher level players. I was very pleased because over the summer I made it to the finals in the LWCC ladies singles and doubles. Hopefully, I will continue to improve in terms of my tennis results with more practice.

susan cannizzaro

Val is a great instructor with lots of patience and humor, but also great knowledge and love of the game of tennis. He encourages you while offering tips to help you improve your technique at whatever level you're at. I would highly recommend him.

Lynn Zelem

Val not only teaches tennis fundamentals but he includes strategy and ways to 'think' about playing the game that help improve player performance at any level. I also appreciate that Val takes a 'cardio' approach to his lessons, because when I'm through with a session I know that I had a great'work out' in addition to (trying to) master the game of tennis.

Kelly Haskins


A positive experience all around. I got to play some good tennis a couple of times a week. It had been a long time (since high school) that I was able to play as often. I also learned good techniques that I continue to use (such as continental grip for volleys, overheads and serves (although I do not get to serve much when I play in the clinics).

Laura King

I learn a lot and it's fun


jan wildman

Val is wonderful. Aftwer starting just 4 months ago, I feel I have learned a lot and now am able to play tennis with my husband.

Michelene Todd


The experience has been great, I'm a better tennis player because of you Val, and I'm having a great time too! Thanks so much for your guidance and patience.

Becky Dooley

I never thought at this age that I would be able to learn the sport of tennis and enjoy it. Val has been a consistent encouraging force, always positive but able to comment on the areas that need work. He is able to do this in a manner that makes anyone feels at ease while learning.The clinics vary in attendance and whether it is 4 or 7  week, Val keeps the drills running smoothly and everyone is challenged, never bored.

In addition Val maintains good contact through his special email tips. I have a long way to go but this has been a very special and worthwhile experience.

Jane Hinkle

Your drills are very helpful, and the instruction and suggestions made sense and really helped.. I also learned a lot from watching you give instruction to others in the class. You seem to have thought of everything. The classes are well structured. I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.


Dottie Brdar

Val, I enjoy your sessions. You make tennis fun, you never tire of correcting me when I makes mistakes, you do it always in a nice way. Your patience and understanding is so much appreciated. I always look forward to our sessions. I feel you always are helping. What ever weak area or needs to be corrected, you say and in a way that never offends me.

Pat kelley
Val is a great teacher, besides being very personable and professional. the clinics are relaxed and enjoyable.

Geraldine Jove

Val has improved my game by providing constructive feedback, technique demonstration, drills/games to assist me in improving and expanding my tennis game. He's also a fun and motivating instructor.

carla benoit


Val provides team training with a personalized approach. I value a coach that trains a team while at the same time coaches an individual.

He's helped me get back into the "swing of things". I am not a great player but  I have definitely seen improvement.

Jane Real


I learned the reasoning behind how you hit your shots. The advantages and disadvantages of specific shots and how to execute the shots properly. All said it doesn't mean I can do them but now I have something to think about and try to do it right. You made learning fun and informative. I think we all had a good time while we hopefully were learning. Some of it did sink in.

Sue Spengler

The tennis experience has been a wonderful process for me. The clinic provides an experience to
develop many skills, focus, balance, strategic playing.

Val, has patience, his coaching skills assists greating in the learning process.

The journey will continue.............

Maura Hein

I've enjoyed my 5 week session from both a social (a good way to meet other tennis players)and physical (learn & improve strokes) point of view. The environment is a non-threatening one in which each person, of different levels, can receive the instruction they desire. Two things I especially appreciated were, first, Val's comments as I was hitting to let me know what I was doing incorrectly and how to rectify the problem. Secondly, I liked the variety of drills in which we could practice our shots. I find that method much more helpful than playing games (there is plenty of time for that outside of lessons/clinics). Thank you for the feedback you have given me during the clinics this session.

For me individually, I really appreicate knowing if I was hitting the way I was supposed to. Verbal feedback during drills is important. Keep the variety of drills. Making them as game-like as possible without the 'stand around' time of a game situation.

Ginger Blinstrubas


My son, Joseph, had a wonderful experience taking tennis lessons with Val Stoiana. He was taught to play tennis in a fun way and developed a love of the game. We have seen steady improvement in Joseph's tennis game with each session. We would recommend Tennis Made Simple to any parent looking for a tennis instructor for their child.


Loiuse Bisch

because your hot!!! no really because your easy to work with and I really liked the group of girls that you were able to put together

Well before I met you I had no game



carole walters

It was a blast! I like your approach to teaching tennis. I never feel nervous . It is easier to learn when you feel relaxed. I liked meeting new players as well.



diane stevens




ron wallerstein


Tennis made simple has been a fun and enriching experience for me and my family. The instruction is insightful and positive and the drills are fun and quite a work out.The program is very good at teaching how to pay a point moving forward.


phil testa


Very good to start playing again and recieve good coaching as well. Small group size is beneficial

This has been a very good course to get back into Tennis. We have covered a wide range of techniques and advice has been honest in order to highlight what is going wrong. Repetition in the practice games helps build up each skill.

laurence orton

Learning was fun. Seemed to progress from week to week. Reminders and tips were given often and in a positive manner.




john guerrera

Tennis Made Simple is a fun way to learn tenns tips. In a group setting you can see what others are doing right (or wrong) and it reinforces what Val is teaching us. Also it gave me the opportunity to meet other tennis players and play outside of the lessons.
I was able to transition from just being happy that I hit the ball to being able to place the ball strategically.Val's tips gave me confidence to play at the net. Also really improved my backhand.

Keep up your positive attitude and making the lessons FUN!!

debbie fitzgerald

Val, You have brought me to a differant level of tennis I believe and improved my confidence as far as not being so frightened to play harder and stronger. I am not as nervous to be up at net. And I believe I owe this to you. Thank you Val.

Well, I think we play faster and harder. And you change things so much I'm never sure what you are going to do next. So that makes me stay more alert and keeps me on my toes. and as always you make it fun.

Sure, you are always adding new drills and letting me know what my weaknesses are. Helping me to understand what i'm doing wrong, without making me feel bad. And always, always making it a fun time . I always enjoy the class. Thank you Val

Pat Kelley

Great instruction in a positive, fun environment. When you work all day sitting - it's great to be able to learn tennis and exercise in a one hour slot outdoors. It was terrific.

You are a patient and knowledgeable instructor. You really give folks a lot of time and direction to improve their games.

devon and tom wickens