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A D U L T  S E S S I O N




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A comprehensive curriculum, plus  Cardio Tennis !

Classes held at Heritage Hotel in Southbury Ct.

TennisMadeSimple  teaches a Variety of Skills : 

Fitness  :burn calories, relieve stress have FUN & strengthen your heart (Cardio Tennis)

Technique : learn proper technique

Strategy :why and where to hit the ball



Technique...Gain a better understanding of

  • the best way to hold the racquet and why

  • what should your swing shape look like

  • how to time the ball properly

  • how to  cover the court more efficiently

  • You Will improve dramatically

    •  serve

    • one-handed backhand groundstroke

    • forehand groundstroke

    • two-handed backhand groundstroke

    •  forehand and backhand volleys

    •  returns of serve

    • overhead

    • lob

    • drop shot

And more...!

Strategy...Outwit your opponent

  • How to play the geometry of the court

  • what to do with a short ball

  • when to keep the ball low

  • when to aim it deep

  • what to do when your opponent comes to net

  • how to play defense or offense

Plus a few more...!


You'll Love Cardio Tennis!


Cardio Tennis...Get in shape for anything

  • achieve your effective heart rate zones with ease because of the fun factor

  • burn more calories than singles or doubles and many other activities

  • a fun group activity where players of all ability levels enjoy tennis

  • “play” tennis and actually get a great workout.


"Feel Confident, Knowing You're Signing
Up for the Same Program That's Created MORE
Success Stories
Than Most Others !"

Here's What to Expect out of each Adult Session

  • your own personal Tennis Advisor working hard on your game

  • you'll be offered a level appropriate class & if not available other option will be discussed

  • latest cutting edge techniques, drills and equipment

  • be treated like a CLIENT not just a customer

    • a customer just buys a commodity or service one time....a CLIENT receives continuous care and guidance

  • maximum of 8 players on a court

  • $5 special drop in rate for the next class, scheduled class

  • personalized progress report emailed with your own tips

  • make up missed classes and rainouts

    • rainout handled by extending the hour or transferring into another existing class

    • individual make ups subject to availability

  • outdoor sessions (Apr-Nov) are 5 weeks long and meet twice a week at The Heritage-Southbury Ct

  • indoor sessions (Nov-March) are 8 weeks long and meets weekly at Newtown Youth Academy or Rumsey Hall School  -Washington Ct.

  • balls and loaner demo rackets  (1st week free then $10 rental fee) provided and available for purchase (less rental fee)


All This for Only $100* ..... ! No Membership or Initiation Fees and A Ton of Benefits and Value  *first time new player rate

Yup, that's right. Adults meet twice a week for 5 weeks. 10 hourly lessons for $100.


Yes ! I'm Ready to Invest today into my Tennis Future !








Pick 2 days days & times:

 (10-11am) mon , tue, wed, thu, fri ,sat, sun

(6-7pm) mon, tue, wed, thu, fri

Session1 Spring


Session 2 Spring


Session 1 Early Summer



Session 2  Summer


Session 1 Fall


Session 2 Fall


Session 1 Winter

indoors NYA or Rumsey

Session 2 Winter

indoors NYA or Rumsey






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