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Tennis Racquet Repair CT

At Tennis Made Simple we know the right equipment can have a major impact on your tennis game. We offer professional racquet stringing, re-stringing and re-gripping services for tennis enthusiasts who need their gear to be in top shape for lessons, games and drills. Able to work with all makes and models of tennis racquets we will consult with you before making any alterations to ensure you get the right tension and grip to match your game and style.

Tennis Racquet Stringing

Depending on how often you play tennis, your racquet could be in serious need of maintenance. The tension of your racquet strings can have a big impact on your serve and shots and if you neglect to restring your racquet you may find your game lacking. At Tennis Made Simple we have years of experience playing professionally and teaching all skill levels so we have a great understanding of tennis racquets and what you need from your strings to play at a level that is comfortable for you. Also, if you are playing with a racquet that has dead strings there is a chance you can hurt your arm and this can lead to Tennis Elbow. Taking care of your tennis racquet is crucial to improving as a player and we offer professional stringing and re-stringing services to keep your racquet in great shape.

Tennis Racquet Re-gripping

If you are struggling with a tennis racquet that is slipping and sliding out of your hands, contact Tennis Made Simple for professional tennis racquet re-gripping services. You won't be having much fun on the court if your racquet is constantly ending up on the ground due to a poor grip. Keeping your tennis racquet in great shape is essential to playing at your best and we offer professional tennis racquet re-gripping services to ensure you have a firm grasp of your racquet. Gripping isn't something to be taken lightly, a poor grip can greatly affect your shots and concentration and if your racquet is slipping you won't have the command you need to play your game.

For professional tennis racquet repair contact Tennis Made Simple: 203-232-5337