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What is TennisMadeSimple?  

What do you provide?

Where is it held?  

What are your credentials ?

When is TennisMadeSimple offered?

What level player will I find?

Why sets you apart?

Why is it a twice a week program?

Can I make up a missed class?

What about bad weather?

How do I sign up?




What is TennisMadeSimple ? TennisMadeSimple is a unique and fun way of merging a cardio tennis workout with strategic & technical tips.  It's designed to improve your fitness, and your game.

What do you provide ?  Level appropriate class, no standing around, hitting a lot of balls, reasonable cost, personalized tips, fun  music, relieve stress, and improve fitness.

Where is it held? April to Nov -Adults & juniors are outside at The Heritage in Southbury, Ct.

Nov to March/April : Adults & Juniors are indoors at Rumsey Hall School ( Washington Ct) and Newtown Youth Academy (Newtown Ct)

What are your credentials ? Go to my bio.

How often is it held? Year round 5 week sessions in spring/summer/fall, and usually 8 week sessions, in the winter.

What level player will I find? . New groups ( beginner to advanced)  are forming regularly and every effort is made to place you in the right class.

Why sets you apart from the compatition?

Get ready for an unforgettable experience, because you will have Val Stoiana as your tennis consultant.  Lessons are given in an organized , professional manner, with plenty of individual attention .

Why is it a twice a week program? Studies have shown playing twice a week for a short time is more productive than playing once a week for a longer period.

Can I make up missed classes? Sure, subject to availability & policies. You cannot carry them over to follow up sessions

What about bad weather? Class is made up the following week , or makeup options are given.