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Bridgewater CT Tennis Classes

Are you looking to get a workout & have fun ? Have you been away from tennis or are you just starting out ? Tennis Made Simple can help introduce you to the game of tennis or bring your skills up to speed. Val Stoiana, certified tennis professional for over 30-years, founded Tennis Made Simple in 2005. He has been helping adult tennis players & youth, learn the game of tennis through innovative drills, private lessons and advanced techniques designed to let each player maximize his or her potential . From 5-week summer youth camps to private lessons, Tennis Made Simple offers players of all skill levels the chance to improve their game and learn just how much fun tennis can be.

Private Tennis Lessons & Clinics

If you need more specific attention, Tennis Made Simple offers private and semi-private lessons so you can work on specific parts of your game in a more comfortable environment. Ideal for beginners who need one-on-one attention and intermediate players who want to work on certain shots including two-handed backhand ground strokes and drop shots, our private lessons are designed to give help you focus and improve at a pace that is right for you. We can accommodate private tennis lessons at The Heritage Hotel in Southbury or come to your home court to offer personalized instructions and training that will not only improve your game but instill a healthy exercise regimen you can use to stay fit.

Junior Summer Camps

Starting April 1st we begin our popular and fun youth tennis summer camps. This program consists of two training sessions per week for five weeks and is designed to teach kids the basics of tennis using cutting edge techniques, innovative drills and high quality equipment. We also offer 4-day junior summer camps that feature four days of intensive tennis instruction that will offer tips and pointers that are reinforced through fun games and drills. Embracing the 'Progressive Tennis' approach, the Tennis Made Simple summer camps use slower balls and smaller courts and racquets so kids can develop efficient techniques that results in a faster learning curve.

Cardio Tennis

Stay in shape but with great fitness program called cardio tennis. It combines the best features of tennis with a cardiovascular exercise that delivers a calorie burning, full body aerobic workout. Cardio is social and fun,  is great for all ages and skill levels and when supervised by a tennis coach participants are able to achieve their effective heart rate zones with ease, can burn more calories and provides interval training scenarios which is effective in achieving health and fitness. Join Tennis Made Simple for a fun, engaging and exciting program or cardio tennis that will get your heart pumping.

For beginner advanced lessons in Bridgewater, CT contact Tennis Made Simple: 203-232-5337